New Review- Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster

After reading and loving Tru Blue, I was so excited to see that their best friends would get their happily ever after. Truly, Madly, Whiskey was everything I wanted and more. A sweet story with two amazing characters and a hero, Bear Whiskey,  that will make you drunk on love.

Bear has wanted Crystal from the first time he has seen her but the snarky girl resists his flirty ways. She might have denied him for months but he sees in her eyes that she wants to fight for her, so he will battle for her love.

Crystal wants the big bad biker but her walls are up,  so she can protect herself. Having being hurt in her past, she is afraid to trust the arrogant man but there is something about the pushy man that makes her want to give in.

Bear might appear playful but he is a man funny, reliable and generous as a friend. Slowly, he builds a friendship with Crystal and shows her that he can give him her heart and he will treasure it. He might have an intimidating image as a biker but the man is the perfect boyfriend. He is gentle and kind with her and he allows her to takes the reins in their relationship. He is respectful and I love how sweet and loyal he is to everyone. He is one of the most loving heroes I have read.

Crystal on the other hand is a girl with a spark of rebellion and stubborn, but behind the confident image there is a woman hurt with a sensitive side. She is sassy and sharp but also vulnerable. I love that she chooses to see the good in Bear and not let her past define her. She is strong and challenges him.

This story is relied on their journey of their love. They build slowly but steadily their relationship and their initial attraction turns into a meaningful bond. They become one and they are so cute and adorable. Their everyday life is full of ordinary moments that get them closer and there is not unnecessary drama. They support each other and although their sexy times come slower, their connection is burning with attraction. I love their slow burn romance.

As always with this author’ s books, we see many great secondary characters and I cannot wait to read their own stories. It’s great seeing that all of them are united and work as a close family and they are there to support the couple.

I am truly, madly in love with this world of great characters and I am excited to read more fantastic books like this!

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