New Review- Undeniable by Melanie Harlow

No one can deny that Melanie Harlow writes good books. I admire authors that can balance humor with feelings and Melanie is one of them. Undeniable is a story about two frenemies who find each other again and explosion happens!

Chloe is a woman ready to take over her family’s business and start a new one but they still see her as the rebellious teenager she once was. That’s why they call her friend from the past, the troublemaker Oliver, to help her. Nobody knows though that he is the boy who has broken her heart again and again. How can she trust him again?

Oliver knows that he has made mistakes but leaving Chloe alone would be his biggest. He only wants a second chance but he has a secret that can ruin everything.

Chloe is a woman to be admired. She is ambitious, smart and confident. I love that she doesn’t mince words and she knows what she wants. Although, she is independent , she is sweet and warm towards Oliver.

Oliver is a cute man child. You are going to hate him a little for his wrong doings but you are going to love him also because you see he doesn’t do things maliciously. I was thinking after reading this book if I was going to judge him harshly but then thought who is perfect? It’s nice seeing in books people with faults as we all have.

Their banter is funny and their bets amusing. The author writes about their pasts and it’s amazing seeing how their personalities changed and how everything sounded realistic.

This light, adorable book is perfect for having a good time!I can’t wait to read about Chloe’s other sisters! This series is fantastic!

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