New Review- Unloved by Katy Regnery

Katy Regnery might have put “Unloved” as the title of this book but you will certainly love it! This is an emotional, sweet read that became one of my favorites by this author! Your heart will break and mend with this story which is unique, thought provoking and beautiful! Don’t be scared by the blurb, this is a deep romance story about a couple that overcomes the pain in the name of love.

Cassidy is a killer’s son. He was just a kid when he father was convicted for murder of innocent girls but he carries the fear of his fall into darkness for so many years. He has learned from his mother that he has bad blood, so he has to keep away to protect everyone.

Brynn is drowning in sorrow. Her life is on pause and she has to make the last effort to start over.

Cassidy saves Brynn and in the same time saves himself. I loved his character. He is tortured by his past but he has this innocence in him. Living away from civilization, he remains pure but lost. His spirit is broken but his heart is full. He is such a protective and caring hero and so different from the usual ones. He is gentle but also tormented.

Brynn is a heroine that finds her strength throughout the book. She is soft and vulnerable in the beginning but when she has to fight for him, she is feisty.

They fall in love quietly, slowly but fiercely. Although, their physical relationship developed later in the book, their feelings came more quickly. Their attraction is burning and their connection is there from the start.

The writing is fast paced and poignant. Katy makes you think with this book. It’s more than a love story as it raises many questions about what makes you human and if evil is hereditary. I admire that Katy has stepped out of her comfort zone. This book is surprising and the end is really satisfying.

In a world full of grief, two lonely souls are given a chance to love and you should gift yourself a chance to love this book that will challenge you on all levels!

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