New Review- Our Unscripted Story by L.A. Fiore

L.A. Fiore knows how to write magical stories and Our Unscripted Story is a book full of pure romance that will enchant you. This is a book about a boy who met a girl and fell in love but with more complexity. It’s about love, family, forgiveness and friendship.

Alexis was just sixteen when she saw the mysterious, new boy, Greyson, in her little town. She was captivated by the start and he found in her a girl that stole his heart. Timing was not on their side but their love was endless. Their journey was not easy but they were true soulmates so their happily ever after was just waiting for them.

This is a story that spans throughout the years but the flow is so great that you don’t feel you are missing out. Age doesn’t mean anything for them and their first love is their forever one. They both have to find their places in their world and their bond just makes them stronger and more whole. They meet at a young age and their relationship blossoms but they have to separate for some years and they reunite to gain again what they have lost.

Alexis is such a great character. The girl has lost everything but she is resilient.  She has friends and people to support her and she has strength admirable. She doesn’t give up and although fate is not kind to her, she finds happiness.

Greyson is a boy sweet, flirty and confident without being arrogant. He is creative, artistic and loyal. Sometimes he makes mistakes that will make you frustrated but he is just human.

I would have loved if some of their issues were solved differently but the end will satisfy you so no need for books to be thrown! Just have a little patience for the “fairytale” ending you want.

Romance is in the main center of this book and the writing flows beautifully. The side characters and a historical touch make the story more interesting. The separation is painful and they both have their lows but one thing that I liked is that they stay loyal and true to each other.

Our Unscripted Story is a book about a bond that cannot be broken. Their life is not perfect but their devotion shines throughout the years. A true love story…

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