New Review- War of Hearts by S. Young

I have not read about werewolves, vampires and other creatures for years but War of Hearts is written by Samantha Young and I would probably read her shopping list and like it. Although, this book is about supernatural beings, there is pure romance in it. There is suspense, mystery and a mating love that shines above all.

Thea does not know what she is but she recognizes her need to run for her life. She has known pain, loneliness and hunger but her surviving instincts make her a survivor and not a victim.

Conall is an alpha male, the leader of the last werewolf pack in Scotland. He would anything for his people especially if it means saving his sister. Hunting down a dangerous woman is an easy task for him until he starts realizing that not everything is as it seems.

Soon they understand that more secrets are hidden and in order to survive , they have to work together. Their attraction though is almost animalistic, instinctual and cannot be helped. Their helping each other brings trust and a deeper bond.

Thea is a powerful woman. It is not easy to like a hard woman in books but her strength and vulnerabilities make her admirable. Conall on the other hand is an ideal alpha werewolf. He is confident, charming when needed and gruff.

Their relationship is explosive and sexy. The background of the European countries and the gothic surroundings make this book even more exciting.

Although, this book is a standalone , the author leaves the ending open for continuation and I have to admit if I had another story available now, I would binge read this series!

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