New Review- What If You & Me by Roni Loren

I love the grump/sunshine trope and Roni Loren does it in the best way! This is a book about healing, love, friendship; it’s a story about finding the strength to move forward and leave the hurt in the past!

Andi has escaped a dangerous man while a teenager so now she trusts no one. In addition, writing horror books and making true crime podcasts leaves her with a fear that cannot be fought easily. Due to an unexpected event, she meets her gruff and stomping neighbor, Hill, and a friendship is born.

Hill is a former firefighter with a disability that has left him with depression and no purpose in life. He does not want anything to do with the sassy redhead next door but when her life gets endangered , they get closer.

I loved the pace of this book! These two characters have traumas to overcome that are not easy but together, they find a new meaning in their lives. They become friends first and then lovers. I find admirable how they open up slowly and they find trust in themselves and in each other.

Andi is a lovely heroine. She may have been hurt but she does not stop trying. She is fierce, loyal, caring. I loved also her honesty. Hill is a little bit more insecure in himself but he realizes his mistakes and fixes them. He is protective and has a real understanding of Andi’s fears.

Roni Loren manages to write about heavy subjects without making the story difficult or sad to read.

This book is sweet with a slow burn romance and a touch of suspense that adds more to the story!

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