New Review- The Wild Heir by Karina Halle

If you have still the royal fever then Wild Heir is the book for you! This story might be the sweetest book I have read by Karina Halle as it has the right combination of cuteness and sexiness!

Prince Magnus of Norway is next on the throne but his reputation is not fit for a future King. A scandal that has disgraced his whole family brings him to the difficult position of getting married. His chosen queen is Princess Isabella of Liechtenstein, a timid and shy girl.

Ella has no idea about kingdoms, heirs or fixed marriages. She is almost abandoned by her family and her only passion is saving the environment. Getting married to the mad prince sounds impossible but maybe this relationship can help her down the road with her goals.

A marriage of convenience turns into a slow burn romantic relationship that is also scorching hot!

Magnus lives his life to the extreme, he has an intense personality and the best dirty mouth. He is charming and fun but he also hides a sensitive side that bears many weights and pain. Ella is a quiet girl that is not afraid to show her passion about the things she cares about.

Their relationship starts a little antagonistic but soon their attraction overcomes everything. I found Magnus to fall in love a little quickly despite being a womanizer but nonetheless, they are sweet and hot together. Karina knows how to write explosive sexy scenes! I also loved how much the characters balanced each other out and although they were playful, they also had the quieter, more serious times.

I think my biggest issue with this story was the drama that came towards the end. Although, it was resolved quickly, I found it a little unbelievable and unrealistic.

The Wild Heir is steamy, funny and heartwarming. It’s a story that will grip your hearts that crave some royal loving!

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