New Review- Wild Highway by Devney Perry

Devney Perry returns with her Runaway series and it is even better than the first one!These books are lighter, shorter than her usual books but just as enjoyable!

Gemma is one of the six teenagers that grew up in a junkyard. She has left poverty behind but not the loneliness.She is on a roadtrip heading to California but a detour brings her to Montana to find old friends and an old crush.

Easton has never forgotten the girl who left without a goodbye but he is not ready to forgive her. He wants her gone so his heart cannot be hurt once again.

These two fight like cats and dogs. Easton appears a little rude at the beginning but he later shows that he has no control when it comes to Gemma.He is gruff and hot! I wish he were a little more open towards her feelings from the start but thankfully, he chases her when needed.

Gemma is smart, driven and hardworking but behind the strong facade there is a little girl who hides her fears.

Their relationship is a little fast forward but I have found that it is common in this new series as there are less pages, so not much depth or details of togetherness can be shown. Despite that, this couple is sweet together and Gemma’s backstory is so interesting. I wish also there could be more communication between them. They both hide their feelings until the end.

Wild Highway is a second chance romance story set in a small town with family ties that are admirable and a couple wonderful together! I cannot wait for book 3!

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