New Review- Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross

I think you know if you are following me that I don’t usually read paranormal romance, so why pick this book? This was a case of social media made me buy it. I have been recommended this story again and again so now that I had a little time, I said why not? I was so glad I read it because Wolf Gone Wild is a really light, sweet and romantic love story between a werewolf and a witch.

Mateo has been hexed that does not allow him to switch in his werewolf form and that can make him go mad. He has no idea what to do, so he searches for the most known witch in New Orleans.

Evie can break any hex but since her family has been avoiding werewolves, she has to search for the solution. Spending time with Mateo might help her and him but soon they realize that being friends is not enough.

Evie is a sweet character. She is caring, fun and easygoing. Mateo surprised me. We usually see werewolves as mysterious, gruff and angry at the world but nope. Mateo is a little shy, an introvert and kind. He keeps all these aspects of darkness in his inner wolf that is delightful. Wolf or as he is called Alpha has his own character. The author made Mateo’s wolf has his own voice and the comments were funny. One man two alter personalities.

Their relationship is slow burning and I would have loved to see more passion from them sooner. You can see that they like each other but they hold a little back.

Also, the mystery behind the hex could be worked a little more so we had more action and suspense.

I loved Evie’s family and I am ready to move on to the other books, so I can learn more about the witch sisters.

If you are a romance lover, don’t fret that this is not contemporary. Despite the paranormal elements , the book is built on how these two fell in love. So grab this book and add a little magic to your life!

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