New Review- A Nordic King by Karina Halle

Karina Halle might have written a book about a king but for this story I declare her as queen of romance. A Nordic King is sweet and sexy and one of the best books this author has written. This book takes the crown for pure romance!

Aurora is like a butterfly. She flies from family to family raising kids as a nanny. She has no home, not many friends and no family. When the royal family of Denmark hires her she not only falls in love with the two little girls but also with their father, the King.

Aksel is a single dad, a widow who carries a lot of guilt and burdens of the crown. He needs help for his kids but he certainly doesn’t want to have a temptation in his house. When he has no choice but hiring Aurora, he has to keep away but he doesn’t know how to resist.

I cannot tell you how much I loved these characters , main and secondary. Aurora is a delightful girl. She is kind and caring but whenever it’s needed she stays proud, with an opinion. She never bows down to anyone and I liked her strengths and her vulnerabilities.

Aksel is the character that surprised me the most. If you have read the previous books he appears as the silent, serious, brooding type and he certainly is all that but in his heart is anything but. He has this loyalty, the need for love that he shows wholeheartedly. When he admits his feelings he goes all the way. He never gives up and his words are so romantic, that my book is full of highlights. Also, I have to say how much I admired that when problems occurred he did anything in his power to solve them without being afraid.

I loved how balanced their relationship is. They have great banter but also respect. You can see that they want each other and the timeline is believable. Outside they might not equals regarding the social status but between them there are no barriers. They are just a couple who love each other deeply.

The kids as also the rest of the family including their pig pet are adorable and a great addition to this story’ s dynamics.

A Nordic King is one of my top favorite books of this year and I really liked this sweet side of this author. I love her dramatic books and her mysterious ones but this one is like candy for fans of romance.

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