New Review- Ache for You by J.T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger has managed with this slow burn series to make me laugh so hard! Her books as Ache For You are hot, entertaining and romantic. This third book is inspired by Cinderella and with crazy fun characters you are going to smile and swoon throughout the story!

Kimber has been left at the altar, she has been the talk of the town and her father is dying back in Italy. When she goes to see him for the last time, she finds herself with a new cold stepmother and an Italian hunk of a man wanting to buy her belated’s father shop. So that means war… a sexy fight where love will win in the end.

Matteo is captivated by the feisty woman  but to win her heart he has to win her trust first. He loves seeing her spirit so he provokes her like no other but he also adores seeing her vulnerable side. So he will win her affection with fights and kisses.

This book is a little over top crazy but still hilarious. Kimber is an unlucky girl who has to face a lot but she doesn’t bow down or give up. She is determined, sassy and hardworking. Matteo appears as arrogant in the beginning but later on he shows that he is deeply in love. Behind the prickly exterior there is a lonely man who wants a woman wholeheartedly. He is protective and sweet.

Although this series is about slow burn romance this story is anything but. This couple is scorching hot and even the simplest kiss is exciting and steamy. I loved their chemistry the most.

Sometimes their reactions and some of the secondary characters are a little extreme for my taste but overall this is a book that makes you happy! This author’s humor just works for me!

I love this series because it’s difficult making someone laugh and all these books perfect or not are full of sunshine and smiles!

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