New Review- An Act of Courage by K.C. Lynn

K.C. Lynn is one of favorite authors and with each book she continues stealing a piece of my heart. Her stories are always heartbreaking but her words work as balm that comforts your soul in the end.

Christopher and his sister have found a new family under the care of Cade and Faith. They saved them when they were so young from an abusive father and they keep supporting them no matter what. Christopher had a difficult time moving on until he found a light in his life, Alissa.

They were both teenagers when they fell in love but Christopher had to fight for his country and for himself to feel worthy of her. He thought it was better to leave her but their love never died.

Years later, when Alissa’s life is threatened, Christopher is the man to save her. The thing is that Christopher is after the all the one who needs saving. The war has left him with scars that haunt him and Alissa is the only bright spot in his life that makes him forget.

Together they will heal with the help of his family and they will bond stronger and deeper. Their relationship is sexy, romantic and not once you will doubt that they are soulmates.

Alissa is a kind, caring young woman. I loved that she defends Christopher no matter what and she is there for him for better or worse. Her love never stops and she is so supportive. She is such a sweetheart. Christopher on the other hand will break your heart. You will need tissues when you see him battle with his guilt and his nightmares. He is a man prideful, strong but with so many vulnerabilities.

The best thing of this story is the support of the family. If you have read Cade and Faith’ story, you will be moved by their love and the help they give Christopher. Christopher’s sisters, especially Ruthie will make you cry like a baby with their words. Christopher has grown to be a wonderful man tortured by regrets but you will see how much Cade and Faith have made him better. It’s fantastic seeing them again as parents. Their moves and their relationship with all the kids is a great addition to this book.

This story brought tears in my eyes but it left me satisfied. It’s heartbreaking but also heartwarming. It’s all about a man that needs help moving forward and the love from Alissa and his family is his salvation.

Once again this author proves her ability to write words powerful that will stay with you. I don’t know how can she break and heal us at the same time but I only have admiration for her talent to touch us deeply into our hearts. I am addicted to her books and I cannot wait for more!

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