New Review- Alphas Like Us by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Alphas Like Us is the third book in this continuous timeline series and cannot be read as standalone but if you have not read all of them you are missing out! Krista & Becca Ritchie have written books that will make you addicted to the characters and this family and their bodyguards will make you invested in them!

Maximoff and his bodyguard, Farrow, have surrendered to love and now their relationship is open to the world. New challenges and obstacles are brought but this couple works as a united front against everything else. They are more in love than ever but their path is not easy.

Maximoff still remains the steady, kind man that is there for everyone but in this book he learns how to give some of the weight to Farrow. Farrow on the other hand is still a smart, honest guy and he realizes that love can give him wings to chase his dreams.

There is trust and loyalty between them that grows and I loved how much they support each other. Their story is funny but also heartbreaking but in the end it’s the kind of love you envy. Their relationship is not always easygoing but what is in real life? The important thing is that they stick together through everything. I have to say that Farrow and Maximoff grow up in this book. Their love is still explosive and sexy but it has also matured.

As always, the book is not only based to these two but they are surrounded by their family and friends. I think this is the only series that has many, many characters but you are so in love with them that you know them by heart. Even if the authors would tell us that there are going to be books for all of them, I would be excited and certainly not bored.

Alphas Like Us is the perfect conclusion to Maximoff and Farrow’s story but don’t worry we will see more about them in the upcoming book. Now let’s wait for the anticipated love story of Jane and Thatcher…

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