New Review- Baking Me Crazy by Karla Sorensen

Baking Me Crazy by Karla Sorensen is a book as sweet as its cover and its name. This is a young adult, friends to lovers story that is really adorable.

Levi fell in love with Jocelyn at first sight but she could only offer her friendship. Five years later ,they are best friends, they support each other and they do everything together. Levi though has to take some decisions and it is time to steal Jocelyn’ s heart.

These two are cute! Levi is a great hero who is tender, caring and loving. He might have hidden his feelings from Jocelyn for years, but the author shows them wholeheartedly on the paper. I love his patience and his open heart.

Jocelyn is a fighter but also a simple , regular girl. We see her struggles as she is being on a wheelchair but she is written with a careful pen where her disability does not make her a victim but a normal person who has to overcome some obstacles.

Their relationship has an innocent vibe. Don’t worry… There are some sexy scenes but their story is mostly based on the progression from friends to lovers.

Don’t forget that this book is in smartypants romance series and that means cameos from our favorite characters by Penny Reid!

If you want to spend a calm time with a book, then Baking Me Crazy is the ideal one to give you smiles and relaxation!

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