New Review – Bane by L.J. Shen

L.J. Shen is the queen of arrogant, bad boys but Bane surprised me! This story is sweeter and it’s more about fighting for hope and love with no drama from the couple. Although , it is different than her previous stories, I liked the change because it was more internal and sensitive.

Bane is a pothead, a man who orders everyone, who is at the wrong side of the tracks. He craves power and money and when his potential business partner promises lots of it , he will do anything to close the contract, even if it means befriending his daughter. He has to help her but she is off limits despite his attraction to her.

Jesse lives in the darkness. Everyone she has loved has disappointed her so she prefers her solitude. When a man pushes her back to light , she finds herself drawn to him even if he is dangerous.

I LOVED  their relationship! It’s fun, slow burning and sexy. I admired the fact that Bane respected her and not once did he make her feel smaller. They support each other and they are a couple that communicates. They are open with their feelings and their hearts.

Bane is such a nice surprise. He is nothing I expected. He might be harder with others but towards Jesse he is caring, protective and careful. He draws the limits when needed and he helps her make her stronger. He allows her to find her way without smoldering her.

Jesse is a great girl. She is sassy, strong and has these sensibilities that make her admirable. Despite what she has been through she never gives up. She finds her independence and her true worth.

The only thing that made me not rate it with 5 stars was the plot. There were too many twists and I found some of them  unrealistic. The characters development was something I loved but some of their past experiences didn’t convince me completely.

I am addicted to this author’s sinners but I have to admit I really liked the turn this book took. Bane had the right amount of angst and love that made me read it in one sitting!

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