New Review- Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Juliette Poe

Sawyer Bennett has her alter ego Juliette Poe and she is here to create fun, light small town romance books! “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” is the third book in this series and it can be read as a standalone. I have not read the previous books but having loved these covers, I wanted to try this one and this story is so entertaining.

Laken is the only veterinarian in her small town. She loves her family, her job and she has no need of men that can hurt her. Animals are a better companion for her so she can never abandon one that needs help. Even if that means she has to keep close with a sexy Yankee.

Jake is a businessman and when he decides a farm will have some benefits for his tax break, he buys one. Easy peasy, right?! Not once he could have imagined he would adopt a baby goat and he would also need a “nanny” to school him.

As these two spend some time together, their attraction is burning so they agree for a fling. Can a city boy and a farm girl find their happily ever after?

This is such a sweet story with amazing secondary characters. Jake is decisive and when he wants something, he does his best to get it and he certainly chases Laken. He is so cute when he gets mushy with the baby goat and it is such a nice addition to the story.  Laken on the other hand is sassy, smart and independent.

Their sexy scenes are behind closed doors but you can certainly feel their sparkles that fly.

If you want an adorable story with great characters, a supportive small community and loving animals, then this book is for you!

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