New Review- Temporary by Sarina Bowen & Sarah Mayberry

I always enjoy Sarina Bowen’s books and although Sarah Mayberry is a new author to me, I really liked this co-written story! It’s funny, steamy and with the perfect amount of angst.

Grace is working at a temporary agency and landing a permanent job is her first priority. She might be young but she is responsible for her teenage sister, so she really needs a steady income. When the perfect job opportunity comes along, she has to prove herself so as to be hired fully. There is a serious distraction though that keeps getting in her way… an Australian hot man, Callan Walker.

Callan has always enjoyed his rich life. He is good looking with plenty of money and women falling at his feet. When he finds out that his favorite uncle has passed away, suddenly he realizes that he has to take some responsibilities to honor his uncle’s memory. There is an obstacle though… the beautiful stranger his cold mother has hired.

Their attraction is off the charts but can their growing love be enough in a road full of troubles?

I liked both characters. Callan is charming, sexy and with the best accent. He might appear as arrogant at first but you can see that behind the playboy façade there is a man caring and kind. Grace on the other hand is the girl next door. She is struggling financially but she doesn’t give up. She is pragmatic, logical and strong. Their spark is there from the start and the longing turns into a sweet, emotional relationship.

Overall, this is an entertaining and refreshing love story and I will definitely read more from this duo!

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