New Review- The Bitterroot Inn by Devney Perry

It’s bittersweet seeing this series end but The Bitterroot Inn was the perfect conclusion! Devney Perry has achieved writing a series full of fantastic books and though I am sad letting this world go, I will keep these characters in my heart and in my mind!

Maisy is the last girl of the Jamison Valley getting her own happily ever after but the waiting was worth it!

Maisy is content raising her son and growing her business as a motel owner but she feels lonely. Seeing her loved ones finding their soulmates makes her happy but also a little envy. Her past still haunts her so it is difficult to have a new relationship in this small community but the gorgeous man renting one of her rooms tempts her.

Hunter has been mesmerized by the lovely Maisy for so many years but he has kept his distance until now. He cannot seem to stay away but if she learns his secrets they will both be destroyed.

Maisy is a great girl and a capable mom. She is caring, loving and a hard worker. I loved her independence but also seeing her vulnerabilities as a woman and a parent. I admired her will and her forgiving nature.

Hunter on the other hand is a kind man. He is a bit closed off towards her but when you read his point of view, you see how much he wants her and how afraid he is to lose her. I melt every time I see a man loving a child and Hunter is so open to Maisy’s son. His love never weavers and he never stops fighting and being patient with her.

Although, I figured the twist and what Hunter hid from the beginning, I was still curious to see what was coming. I am a fan of couples that work logically and communicate and these two are always through their problems by being understanding , so that is admirable.

The Bitterroot Inn is a sweet book and its epilogue will leave you smiling and happy. I am sure I will re-read these books as this series has become one of favorites but I am also excited about what this author brings next!

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