New Review- Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland

Vi Keeland might have written a book called Sex, not Love but it’s all about  the opposite.It’s  a story with slow burn romance about a couple that falls in love and sex is just a means of expressing their feelings. It’s sweet, fun but despite its hot title it’s deeper and more emotional than you would have expected.

Natalia has sworn off men. Having being burned by her past, she is now responsible for a moody teenager and she has no room for new heartache. When, she meets the sexy, beautiful man , Hunter, she instantly recognizes the danger for her heart, so she avoids him at all costs.

Hunter was mesmerized by the beauty he saw in a wedding and he will do anything to make her his. He might not need love, but he certainly has some space in his bedroom for some fun. She resists him so let the hunt begin…

Although their relationship starts as something temporary, their hearts invest more. They get to know each other and they fall in love deeply and completely but they both have trust issues. They have to open up in order to overcome their fears and move their attraction to another level.

Natalia is an amazing character. She is sassy, strong and independent. She is a mature surrogate mother to her daughter and she is so understanding. I love her honesty and though she is scared she is open to discuss her feelings.

Hunter on the other hand is a playful, flirty man. He has a sexy humor that will make you laugh but if this was man was real I would consider him over the top suggestive and arrogant. He is persistent and he knows what he wants. As the book progresses you see that Hunter despite asking for something temporary, he craves for love but he is so scared because of his losses of his past.

There are some glimpses of his past that have an ex girlfriend and I would have liked not to have seen them so analytically because it seems like Hunter’s love with her was almost bigger than with Natalia’s. I understand that the author wrote them so she could explain why he was afraid in his present but I was almost mesmerized by their relationship back then.

This book is about love, not sex. It’s a story about overcoming your fears and giving yourself a chance to love and live. Vi Keeland writes hot, fun stories that entertainment you but there are always twists that make you think deeper and make you more emotional. I can’t wait to see what more surprises she has for us!

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