New Review- Black Tangled Heart by Samantha Young

Black Tangled Heart will definitely tangle your feelings and do everything than darken your heart. This book is captivating, emotional and passionate. One of my top favorite books by Samantha Young!

Jane is an orphan, a girl abandoned and never been loved until a family adopts her as their own. Jane finds two sisters but also a boy that steals her heart.

Jamie is a moody teenager, a boy angry and resentful towards his family until the shy girl schools him .

Together they find themselves and first love. Their relationship is explosive and consumes them. They connect from their start and they open up.

A tragic event though destroys their present and steals their future. Jane is left alone and Jamie is back after years to take revenge even if it means destroying her. Love though is a powerful thing that brings chaos into their lives once again. Can they forgive each other and move on or vengeance and regrets will ruin them?

This book is set in two parts; the past and the future. I loved part one where they fell in love. It was hot and sweet. They were them against the world. Part two has angst and suspense. Although, Jane was the timid one and Jamie the strong one in part one, the roles are reversed in the present. Jane has become a woman to be admired. She is fierce and I love that she put herself above everything. She is a warrior. Jamie has become blind by his anger but his vulnerabilities and his love towards Jane never stops shining. I felt sorry for what they had to face but their bond is indestructible and strong.

I read this book in one sitting and I wanted more!!!

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