New Review-Bride by Ali Hazelwood

Do you like Ali Hazelwood’s books? What about paranormal stories? Bride is a classic Ali rom com with a paranormal twist that is exciting quick and so entertaining!

Misery is the daughter of the most powerful vampire councilman and Lowe the alpha of the werewolves. These two are brought together into a marriage of convenience so there can be peace between these two mortal enemies.

This is an action packed romance with intrigue, mystery and secrets. The world building is simple and nothing new, but the story is charming and the couple delightful.

I loved our heroine, Misery! She has the best dry humor and she is smart although clueless to Lowe’s feelings. Lowe is a classical alpha with protective and caring instincts. I really liked how slowly they opened up to each other and how they connected. I must say though that Lowe towards the end is terrible- bad wolfie!

The secondary characters are perfect and I would love to read more books about them!

After reading this book, I have to note that it is inspired by Nalini Singh’s psy-changeling world but overall, I enjoyed it more than I expected and I would love to see it as a series!

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