New Review- The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott

I have only one advice for you, so you won’t do the same mistake as me. Don’t start this book after midnight. The story was so gripping, interesting and emotional that I finished it in the early morning. I could not be happier to lose my sleep!

Zelda has put all her past hurt in her graphic novel. She lives and breathes her art and she goes to New York for a chance to show it. When things don’t go as planned, she finds an unexpected ally.

Beckett is a boy that pays his mistake every day. Having a prison sentence for an armed robbery gone wrong, he lives in regret and guilt daily. He constantly works trying to survive until a colorful girl shows him that there is more than sorrow.

Two people living in the past are now roommates and together they will move forward creating a home for themselves.

It’s one of the few times I love equally the characters. Zelda is smart, brave and caring. She is not afraid to take a risk and I adore that she is not judgemental. She forgives easily and she takes a chance on different people. Beckett is the perfect hero. He is helpful, kind and his need for forgiveness makes him sweet and vulnerable.

I love how much these two grow up through their relationship. Their friendship makes them trust again and their love bonds them together and makes them stronger. There is so much support and it’s great seeing fighting their battles as a united front. This is a slow burn romance and when they finally surrender to their attraction, you can see their deep connection.

Emma Scott never disappoints me with her stories and this book made me shed sad tears and feel it in my soul. This is an emotional read about regrets, redemption and second chances. Love can heal the deepest scars and this story is its perfect example!

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