New Review- Roman by Sawyer Bennett

I love sports romance books and I have to admit that hockey players are my favorite. Although, I know nothing about the sport as we don’t have it here, there is something about these huge, aggressive men that make me excited! Sawyer Bennett has written one of the best series about hockey and I really liked this book!

Roman is the ultimate bad boy inside and out of the ice. He plays hard and he doesn’t give any excuse. He likes to live on edge, even if the team’s manager disagrees. He takes nothing seriously except his game and he won’t change no matter what. When he meets a colorful, sassy girl, Lexi, he will do anything to have her.

Lexi is a girl optimistic and fun but after her mother’s death, she feels alone. When she learns that she has more people in her side, she has to face a new reality.While fighting for her family’s acceptance, she will find a person to have her back; the bad hockey player, Roman.

Roman starts seeing that having a steady girlfriend is more rewarding than being a player. Lexi is fun, sexy and supports him. The only problem is that he doesn’t see eye to eye with her family.

Lexi is a girl happy to move forward with her family and her new boyfriend. Roman is caring and always there for her. She only has to find the perfect balance between them.

I loved this couple. Lexi is witty, smart and selfless. She is free spirited, independent and has a lovely personality. Roman is strong minded but he doesn’t play with Lexi’s feelings. He is honest, romantic and he admits his mistakes. Their relationship is sweet but also sexy and I admired that there is not unnecessary drama.

This story has an originality. There are three point of views and there is a secondary romantic story that I loved. Characters from previous books are center stage in this book and you will get to know them more.

Sawyer Bennett never disappoints me with her hockey players and Roman is an adorable story that will leave you with a smile.


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