New Review- City Under Siege by R.J. Prescott

R.J. Prescott stole my heart with The Hurricane and when she announced that she was writing a romantic suspense not once did I doubt that it would be a great story and a great one it is. For you that you love action and love, this book has both! A fast paced story with an alpha hero and a strong heroine and a storyline that will keep you on your toes.

Sarah never wanted to do anything with the business of her family. She prefers the bohemian life full of colors but when she is forced to accept the company then all hell breaks loose. Behind the shipping business, many dirty games are played and her life is on the line. Trying to uncover a huge terrorist organization she is now protected by a SAS team with its fierce leader, Tom.

Tom has always been a death machine. He is cold, determined and always calculates his every move. When he is to protect a rich girl, he expects a spoiled girl but what he finds surprises him. Sarah is full of spunk and strength that challenges him and he wants her like no other.

Their relationship is above reason and logic and can be dangerous for both of them but their magnetism is stronger. I found them progressing a little quickly for my taste as feelings go and although the author implies that they spend a lot of time together , I would have loved to see the spark before it turns into an inferno. Nonetheless they are good for each other as they show the true selves to each other.

Tom is a hard killer with no emotions on his job but with Sarah he is different. He is protective, sexy and caring. I loved Sarah quirkiness and how cute she is in her everyday life. She is like an adorable puppy that has some bite outside of her home. She definitely is strong and determined.

This author has the great ability of writing interesting side characters especially the elders. Tom’s step mom is a delightful addition that made me laugh and Tom’s team is full of delicious alpha men I cannot wait to read about.

This might be my first suspense romance by this author but it won’t be my last!

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