New Review- Cockloft by K.C. Lynn

K.C. Lynn took a detour from her usual emotional books to write a story that will make you laugh, snort and just have fun! This is a perfect read for summer! It’s hot, witty and exciting until the end!

Cece likes the fine things of life, her luxurious boutique, her expensive purses, her beautiful clothes and shoes. She likes to spoil herself and not even a little fire will take away her precious belongings… even if that means resisting the infuriating firefighter, Gabriel Martinez.

Gabriel takes his job very seriously and saving people’s lives is his number one priority. The blondie he has to rescue might have beautiful legs and a sexy body but she is everything he despises. She is rich, she is pretentious and spoiled.

Hate and love are so close together and soon their banter will be foreplay for an explosive relationship! These two are combustible burning the sheets but slowly a fire is born into their hearts!

Cece is so sassy and feisty that makes you wish for a friend like her. She remains true to herself without giving apologies and no matter the consequences.  She is authentic and always speaks her mind. She has the smartest mouth and her responses to everyone will make you laugh so hard.

Gabe on the other hand has lived a difficult life with many responsibilities and without riches. He is a brooding hero, a little bossy and hot as fire! He is a prideful man, devoted to his family and he looks after the people he loves. Also, the man is a firefighter and speaks Spanish… enough said.

Their relationship might start as physical but their heated attraction soon becomes a very lovely romantic one! These two are opposites but they fit together inside and outside of the bedroom.

This book is steamy, fast-paced with a lot of humor without its missing this author’s usual heartwarming touches! K.C. Lynn always writes great books and Cockloft though different will keep you excited until the end!

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