New Review- Combust by K. Bromberg

K.Bromberg returns with her everyday heroes and this book is really combustive! A love explosive, a relationship scorching hot but also full of feelings!

Dylan is a songwriter and when she is betrayed by her boyfriend, she retreats to a small town to lick her wounds and put her hurt into her words. When her roommate turns out to be a sexy firefighter, she cannot resist mending her heart with a new relationship. She knows it’s only temporary but can she leave her emotions out of it?

Grady has so many scars inside out. He is full of fears, regret and guilt. He doesn’t know how to cope until a shy girl takes over his home and his life. Suddenly, he can breathe and hope again but he has a long road to forgive himself so he can love freely.

Their relationship is not easy because they both have to overcome much. I loved how much they helped each other getting over their insecurities and how perfectly imperfect they were.

Grady is funny, sweet and caring but the man has gone through a painful experience that will break your heart. The author managed to write a strong hero that is not afraid to show his pain. His tortured moments bleed from the pages and you wish you could give him a hug.

Dylan is such a sweetheart. She struggles with herself and her image and that is something you can connect to. These days it’s easier to believe you are unworthy than taking a compliment and I loved how much she changes throughout the book.

Another thing I liked in this book was the sense of the community. The secondary characters as also Grady’s family supported this couple perfectly.

Although, this book has its hot scenes I really admired that the author took it to another level writing more about their inner selves and their greatest fears and how much love helped them.

Combust is a book that turns up the heat but it’s more about the power of healing through love. I cannot wait to read the third book of the series “Cockpit” and catch up on these hot brothers!

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