New Review- Consequence by Rachel Higginson

The cliffhanger of book one had left me wanting more and Rachel Higginson gave all the answers in this action filled romance. This couple, Sayer and Caroline are destined to be together and in this second story they get their happily ever after.

Caroline has left everything behind but when their daughter is kidnapped, she is forced to accept the help of Sayer. She doesn’t trust him but she has never stopped loving him so she must hear her heart and not her mind that shouts to run. She will do anything for her child even if she has to face her past and the mafia she betrayed.

Sayer was just a kid on the streets when he joined the Russian mafia but his only plan was and is to keep Caroline. He is ready to claim his family back and nothing will stand in his way.

Caroline in this book has both sides. She has the toughness and the cleverness of a con artist but she has also the vulnerability motherhood brought her. She is a strong but also sensitive girl. Sayer still remains a mysterious man but in this one the author managed to reveal with some point of views from his past that his main focus is Caroline. He is resilient but his weakness is Caroline and he might say little but he speaks from heart and that makes him so romantic.

The book is action packed but the core is about love and family. There are so many secrets that make their story more exciting and I loved the twists that complicated it.

Although, their story is completed with a satisfying epilogue , I still had some questions that went unanswered about the secondary characters. Maybe Rachel has done it on purpose so she can write more books but if not , it left me wondering what happened.

This duet is full of suspense like watching a TV series with an on point writing and if you like mind tricks and clever thinking , this will suck you in until the end.

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