New Review- A Crack In Everything by L.H. Cosway

First of all, I have to say that I wish more people would read L.H. Cosway’s books. Her words are meant to be shared and they are a punch into your heart. She has the talent of creating everyday characters that you can connect to but also have extraordinary stories to tell.

This story is about young love but so deep that you know it is a forever one. As the beautiful cover shows it’s a love story that is written in the stars and it is meant to be. This is a part of a duet but fortunately part two is out so  it’s like giving  a little time for this couple to grow up and find their places into the world.

Evelyn is a girl living in an ugly place without missing her optimism. She is a girl positive finding beauty and hope into small things. Her life is not perfect but she is content. She takes things as they are but a mysterious boy makes her think more deeply.

Dylan wants just one thing; to leave from his depressive city making something of himself. He didn’t expect finding some light into a lovely girl that is full of sunshine.

These characters might be teenagers but they think outside of their box. I love how different Dylan and Evelyn are. He is the darkness to her light but when they fall in love you see how much impact there is to their souls.

The secondary characters are anything but that. They shine through the book giving the extra something into the story. It’s like seeing a real community with its ups and downs and the ugliness and the beauty of this world.

Their relationship is sweet as it’s their first one but you can see how deeply they care for each other. Life gets into their way bringing pain and destruction but together they have a bond you can never refuse. They are together even when they are apart because their souls are connected.

The ending is bittersweet but you know deep inside you that this couple will manage. They just need to find themselves first so theycan find their happily ever after.

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