New Review- Damnable Grace by Tillie Cole

The Hangmen are back and the Psycho Trio is more united than ever! Tillie Cole returns with another powerful book in her MC series that will clutch your heart and leave you with more questions. This story is better read if you have followed the series or else you will be lost.

AK has felt some connection with the girl with the amazing red hair and blue eyes, Phebe but the girl is sold to a Nazi cult.  When the Hangmen decide to rescue her, AK is the first to fight for her.

Phebe has only felt pain in the hands of men until the devil with the angel’s eyes saves her. There is hurt in his soul that resembles her own and she wants to save him as he has saved her.

Two broken souls fight together to overcome their nightmares of their past and move forward. AK is a man kind, protective and always caring of his friends and family. He is full of guilt but with the help of Phebe, he shines some light into his darkness. Phebe on the other hand knows only how to seduce men but she knows nothing about love. When AK saves her from herself, we see a girl mature, gentle and affectionate.

It was so easy to connect with AK and his heartbreaking story. The man earns our respect with his moves. I loved his character and his attitude towards everyone. He is not afraid to show his feelings and this made him so sweet in this world of hard men. Phebe is someone you feel sorry in the beginning but slowly you see her true self showing. I loved how much connected she was to AK’ s pain and how supportive she was.

This story is not for everyone, as it contains violence and sexual abuse but if you are a fan of this series, then this book will leave you satisfied! I don’t know how this author does it but with every book you crave the next one. I cannot wait for more!

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