New Review- Dating-ish by Penny Reid

Someone could say that Penny Reid writes unusual books with awkward characters. Someone else could say that her stories are almost unbelievable and incomprehensible. What could I say?! That this woman is brilliant writing unique stories giving us more value as her readers! This author creates worlds full of intelligence and she treats her fans as her equals. Her characters are always smart but flawed and you can always find some of you in them!

I have followed religiously her writing journey and this series and Marie always appeared as the kind, quiet girl that passed on the down low. I was anxiously waiting for Kat’s story (the next one if you are new to this series) so I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved this book!

Marie sees her best friends finding their soulmates and discovering true love and she wants it for herself. After an unexpected failed date, she gives up and starts discovering new ways to get affection. How far would you go for some kind of love? Well, Penny will show you the way!

This is a slow burn romance story with the angst of unrequited love and with the trope of best friends to lovers! Although, this author has put a lot of humor in this book, I found myself many times touched by her words. I even cried a little and that says a lot as I don’t usually get emotional with books. The characters might be peculiar but their feelings are so common. All their insecurities are so realistic and their need for love will make you connect completely with them.

Marie is a girl generous, kind and so lovely. She is clever and thoughtful and such a great friend. From all of this author’s female characters, I had more in common with Marie. Her thoughts are so raw and real.

Our hero, Matt thinks and behaves as  a scientist. He is brilliant, honest and curious. He is blunt and stubborn but oblivious. He is funny but also his story will move you.

Together they work so well. They are great friends but better lovers. Matt surprised me with his sexiness and his bossy ways. They are different but also the same. They gravitate to each other and you can see their growing feelings and when they surrender to love, you feel elated and ready to burst.

If I have to say one thing about this author is that I admire her. She has her own writing style and each book is different but fantastic! Her themes are so innovative and they make you think. I consider myself more informed after each story and her books are food for thought and discussion. I cannot wait to see what her beautiful mind will bring with the next book!

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