New Review- The Queen and the Cure by Amy Harmon

There are authors and there is Amy Harmon; a fantastic storyteller with an amazing talent of creating worlds with many dimensions and characters full of life. “The Queen and the Cure” is a book that will make you get lost in a universe of magic but with realism born from the flaws of humanity.

Kjell is a man that lives for battles and his sword is his best companion. As the Captain of the King’s Guard, he spends his days fighting for his city, Jeru, and its people. Although, he destroys every threat, he has the ability to heal. So, when a broken woman falls into his path, he chooses her life instead of her death.

Sasha has the gift and the curse of seeing glimpses of the future. She might not remember her past but one thing stays constant in her visions; a man with dark hair and blue eyes.

When, he saves her, their lives get entwined forever. Two hearts that beat together as one take a journey full of adventure, mystery and love.

Kjell is a man with pride, strong but not hard. He has brutal force but he is not ruthless. He is suspicious but not closed off. I loved his integrity and his loyalty. He is a mighty warrior but soft for Sasha.

Sasha is a woman compassionate and kind. She appears as mellow but she has strength in her heart. She stays true in her beliefs and she doesn’t negotiate her feelings. Her love shines and she is committed to Kjell.

The writing is flawless and colorful. The descriptions are perfect and the characters feel so real. Although, this is romantic fantasy, this book is so raw and beautiful that even if you don’t read this kind of books, you will love this!

I love all Amy’s stories but this series is so unique. I am so glad that she plans to write more stories based on this world and one thing is sure; I can’t wait for more!

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