New Review- Dear Bridget, I Want You by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland are good authors and together they are explosive. Without knowing when each writes they craft stories as one and there is no chance that you will not enjoy their books! “Dear Bridget, I want you” is a sweet, adorable one that suddenly turns into something deeper with a twist you won’t see it coming.

Bridget is a young woman that lost her husband some years ago and she is trying her best to raise her son. After a fateful incident, she finds herself in the hospital and a sexy, British doctor gets acquainted with her bare bottom. Thankfully, she won’t see him again or maybe not?

Simon could never forget Bridget’s perfect bum and when he finds himself renting a room by her, he fights to keep his hands off. The fact that she is mature, a mother and wants a steady relationship will make things easier to stay away but little does he know that nothing will keep him away.

What stars as friendship will slowly become more as trust and care will be born between them. Their flirty ways and their attraction are fun and hot but their deeper feelings will make you sigh and swoon.

Bridget is responsible, logical and you can see how much she is going through trying to leave the guilt behind. She is wary of Simon and careful about their relationship but what they have builds naturally that their bond is unavoidable.

Simon appears firstly as a player who changes women like his shirts but you will quickly find out what a decent man he is. He is loyal, supportive and protective. When he realizes his true feelings, he is all in and you will admire his attitude. His relationship with Bridget’s son makes him even more lovable.

I loved how much this story progresses. It starts humorous but towards the end, it is much more. It builds gradually and then there is a surprise that will leave you with your open and your heart beating faster. The end is full of love and the epilogue so charming.

I admire how greatly these two authors have clicked and all their books are always amazing and this story is no different. I cannot wait for another collaboration that will create another strong, love story!

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