New Review- Exes with Benefits by Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams has officially written my favorite book of hers! A second chance romance with the most romantic at heart hero that will make you swoon and take you in a journey full of emotions! We rarely see couples that are married in romance books and this author succeeds in writing a hero and heroine strengthen their love that has never been forgotten.

Canaan and Maggie were just teenagers when they got married but when tragedy strikes, they both fell apart. Maggie took the most difficult decision to leave him behind and Canaan had to take a decision; be better or lose her forever.

After five years, Maggie is back to finally make this separation official but this man has other plans. He wants a second chance to know him as a changed person and give their relationship another go. Can she open her heart again to the man who nearly destroyed her?

Maggie is a girl that had to mature quickly. Canaan was the man she gave her trust and he failed her. She couldn’t see him destroying himself and now that he says he is different, she feels wary. She is hurt and insecure but she cannot deny her attraction to her husband. I liked her character but sometimes I didn’t agree with her decisions. When she was away, she had a boyfriend but that was not something that bothered me because the man was in the background. I could understand her doubts but I would have liked to see her more open towards Canaan besides their sexual scenes. One of the most admirable traits she has is that she is honest and she doesn’t play games.

As for Canaan I bow to the author for writing one of the best male characters. I almost highlighted anything that came out of his mouth. The man is gruff but he is romantic in his essence, in his moves. He has given his heart to Maggie and never took it back. He is loyal to her all these years and he gives her openheartedly everything. He is supportive and he put himself second for Maggie’s happiness. For Canaan, I could rate this story with all the stars. This hero is admirable in everything he does. He is so open with his feelings.

Their story is sweet, hot and not once you will doubt that these two are destined to be together! If you want a second chance romance with the best hero that you will devour in one sitting, then this book is just for you!

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