New Review- The Deep End by Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is the queen of alpha males and sassy heroines but this book will make you forget everything you are used from her. There is still her unique writing that makes her stories so special but this time the reigns takes the woman and the hero stands vulnerable for her. This is a an erotic journey in the world of BDSM where every dark fantasy is allowed.

Olivier has been feeling ashamed for his sexual identity as a submissive until he finds the perfect Mistress to guide him. Amelie is an expert and well known Mistress in the Honey Club and when she sees Olivier, she is ready to play.

Olivier might be new in this world but with the kind help of Amelie, they will explore every sexual play. There is nothing forbidden and you will read sexual scenes never seen before. Prepare to be mind blown and open yourself to a story of pleasure.

Olivier is a firefighter, he is sexy  and ready to explore his limits. He might be a submissive in his sexual taste but the man remains protective, hot and strong minded in their everyday lives. It is so new to see such a strong man give all the power to his woman but though foreign, you will feel all the sexual tension. Amelie on the other hand is a woman sophisticated, powerful and the ideal teacher in this game. She might be a Mistress but she remains feminine, sensitive and caring.

In order to enjoy this book, you have to be free from prejudice and open to sexual acts that might make you blush. This story is so sensual that it is almost tantalizing. Many times I found myself thinking if I should stop, but somehow I continued until the end without regretting it. It might be daring but behind the guilty pleasure , there is a couple falling in love and the trust you have to show in this world makes them more invested in the relationship.

So, if you want to dive in the world of BDSM and you love Kristen Ashley, then grab this story! This author took a great risk with this book as it surpassed the usual storylines but it is admirable to try something so new without losing your unique style and that’s what she did. This book might not be for everyone but if you would like to push your limits, then “The Deep End” will tempt you as nothing else!

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