New Review-Riot by Tillie Cole

Tillie Cole returns with the last book of this gripping series and she goes out with a bang. Riot is a raw, exciting love story that comes as a beautiful epilogue to one of the most interesting and different series.

This can be read as a unique love story but I would advise you to read all the books and you won’t be sorry.

901 is a fierce, indestructible warrior and the best fighter in the pit of hell where people are slaves under the watchful mafia boss, Master Ariazni.  901 has no weaknesses that the arrogant man can use and his pride is the only thing he has left.

152 doesn’t remember anything from her past life and the only thing she knows is that she has to obey and pleasure her Master. The sadistic man plays with her body and her mind giving her only pain.

When Ariazni decides to break his cold fighter so he can have him under his control, he baits him with his beautiful slave. Ariazni will make her 901 ‘s weakness and then exploit them both.

Two tortured souls will comfort each other and they will find for the first happiness. They share their pain and their burdens and though this a game for their Master, their feelings are deep and their love indescribable.

I loved 901 and 512. Two people without backgrounds prove that they are more than numbers and they win their freedom through their connected hearts. 901 is a man protective and though he is a man that nothing touches him in the beginning, he allows the shy woman to shatter his defenses. He prefers being injured than hurt her. 512 is a young woman caring and kind. Although, she has forgotten herself, she remains hopeful and gentle. She is much stronger than what she seems and she supports 901 with her touches and her words.

As always, this author brings the characters from the previous books back as they fight to put an end to this hateful world. They will return to destroy anything so as to secure a better future for their women and their families. These warriors are all ready to burn this place down, kill again and take their revenge. I adored that these men are there to help 901 and 512 but mostly, because they show that they are now changed by love and ready to move on.

One love story, one common goal for freedom, one beautiful epilogue that ties all the books together makes “Riot” the perfect end to this series that has become one of my favorites. I will miss these characters but Tillie Cole left me with a hopeful smile and a satisfying happily ever after.

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