New Review- Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas

I used to read a lot of historical romance books and after all these years “Devil in Winter” still remains my favorite. When I have heard that Lisa Kleypas is back with a new book featuring the son of Sebastian and Evie, I was over the moon happy! This book is charming, funny and sexy!

Pandora is a young lady that wants nothing to do with marriage, society balls or future husbands. She prefers staying at home plotting her next board game and making business plans. When she finds herself involved in a scandal with a handsome Lord, suddenly all her ideas turn upside down.

Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent enjoys his bachelor life and avoids the marital traps. When he saves a beautiful vixen, he is intrigued by the peculiar girl and he will do anything to make her his wife.

Gabriel falls hopelessly in love with Pandora but she wants nothing to do with him. Slowly, she shows her that he can accept her the way she is without her changing and proves that marriage is all about their pleasure.

Gabriel is not like Sebastian. He is not a notorious rake like his father without though missing his seductive ways. He is the perfect mixture of Sebastian and Evie, so he is caring, protective but also intelligent and hot.

Pandora is so different than the heroines of this era. She is quirky, funny and a true feminist. She is genuine, honest and she chases what she wants, something unusual of this time. Sometimes, she appears a little naïve but taking in consideration that she grew up unconventionally, I understand her strange ways.

There is romance in this book and some erotic scenes that are sizzling! Their dialogues are clever and there is a little bit of adventure towards the end. I love that there is honesty between them and that they accept each others’ flaws.

As for my objections, I think Gabriel fell too quickly in love with Pandora for my taste and sometimes Pandora is stuck only on her plans, but overall their relationship is entertaining. Lisa has clearly done a lot of research for this book and sometimes I found it interesting and sometimes I was overwhelmed with the details.

The thing I loved most of all was the cameos from characters from previous books. The prologue with Sebastian and Evie is so amazing and I devoured every detail when they were involved. The bond between Pandora’s and Gabriel’s families is so great and I love how supportive they are to this couple. That was a touch that certainly earned points for me and made the story more exciting.

“Devil in Spring” might not compare with “Devil in Winter” but it showed me once again why I love this author’s writing and her historical books. It’s a story that will leave you craving for more scoundrels and unique ladies and hopefully, she will write soon some of the secondary characters’ books!

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