New Review- Behind His Lens by Beth Michele

If you have read books by this author, you are always ready for emotional, deep stories that will touch your soul. Well, prepare to be surprised with this sexy, fast paced m/m book! This story is quick, hot and it will set your panties on fire!

Colt had no idea that he would chase a man. When he is ready to do the best birthday gift to his girlfriend, he requires the help of Jake Donovan. The only problem? He wants to keep him for himself!

Jake has drowned his sorrows in quick relationships … until he met Colt. There is something about the shy stranger that makes his heart race. He will do anything to own him and he will use all his “sexy” tricks.

Fate brings them together, their sexual chemistry will bring them closer and love will give them forever! This story is steamy, dirty with a lot of sweetness and sexiness!

Beth stepped out of her comfort zone and gave us a story full of eroticism without lacking a touch of heart! If you are looking for a naughty, smutty book that will make you blush, then “Behind his Lens” is the perfect novella for you!

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