New Review- If You Were Mine by Melanie Harlow

I remember so clearly when I read “Frenched” by Melanie Harlow and contacted her to congratulate her for her amazing  book and now years later after reading all her stories, she has become one of my top favorite authors and I am still so thankful for sharing her talent to the world.

“If you were mine” is a story about Claire, the smart, kind girl who wants her own fairytale and still waits for her  prince but in her way she finds Theo who would easily play the rogue, the bad boy of a tale.

Claire is a woman sensible, dependable with great friends and a supportive family. After seeing her friends find their soulmates, she wants her own happy story. When she is invited to a wedding, she cannot go as single once again and face the gossip, so she hires a “boyfriend” for herself. The only problem is that she cannot fake her interest for the handsome man.

Theo appears as confident, laid back and always content to go where life leads him. He is a drifter and chases every chance to get away from his past. He never wants to stay at one place until he meets the beautiful girl Claire. Suddenly, their “pretend” night becomes very real.

A light hearted and flirty night soon becomes a deep relationship full of feelings. Claire can see a future with Theo as long as he can trust her but although, he is generous with his body he stays closed off when it comes to anything personal. Their journey to happiness has a lot of ups and downs but their love shines clearly.

Claire is an amazing girl. She is caring, trustworthy and nice. She forgives and loves easily and she is a woman everyone would want as a friend. She is positive and kind and a person you would describe as good in their core.

Theo on the other hand is the character that has to face his demons. He is the one that chooses to run away from this relationship but the author writes his point of view and that makes us forgive him. He is truly sorry about his mistakes and we can see how tormented he is by the abandonment of his family and how that affects him deeply. Despite his “emotional immaturity” he is not a character to be ignored. He is easily liked, he is sexy and charming and although he is afraid to express his feelings, he is not detached. On the contrary, we can see that he feels deeply and strongly for Claire and that scares him. Also, he is so supportive to his family and he boosts Claire’s confidence in her life and in the bedroom.

“After we fall”, the previous book by this author, is on my top favorite stories of all times and I couldn’t imagine how this story would compare but “If you were mine” though different is also fantastic! Melanie Harlow is an author you can depend on for brilliant books and I suggest to you to give this book a chance!

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