New Review- Don’t Speak by Katy Regnery

I couldn’t fathom the idea that any new book by Katy Regnery could compare with the love I have for “The Vixen and the Vet” but this author proved me wrong! This story is the spin off the fairytale “The Little Mermaid” and it has everything I want and more!

Laire is a sheltered girl living in a small island away from technology and modern ideas. All she has ever known is being a fisherman’s daughter. Where she lives it is frowned upon to make bigger dreams wanting to leave the quiet life of this place. Laire though after having lost her mom at a young age, she wants to follow her steps going to college and not staying there becoming a wife, a common thing for women of this island. When her dad sends her for a job at a rich’s man vacation home, suddenly her grey world feels with colors when she meets the beautiful son of the Governor.

Erik is privileged, wealthy but unfortunately, his parents push him for a future he doesn’t want. His wants and needs don’t matter for them, so he must follow their plans. When he meets the shy, refreshing girl, he finds himself wanting something for himself for the first time and that is her heart. He wants to own her and love her forever.

They might be from two completely different worlds but they are determined to make their own rules and follow their hearts. Laire is new to this modern world but Erik just wants her, so he will do anything for her, even if he has to slow down. He realizes soon that material things don’t have any importance and her love is all that he wants and Laire finds out that she can follow her dreams and he gives her courage. Together, they explore their new relationship and their feelings and it is not just a summer fling but a love that can last their whole lives.

They don’t count though their disapproving families and everything they can separate them. A love of soulmates becomes a memory but despite they are apart, their hearts beat for each other. Once given a second chance, their flame will burn brightly and their dark lives will fill again with light. They might have let their relationship go as teenagers but as adults they know there is not another way to live happily.

Katy Regnery writes an emotional, exciting first part of a story where two young people find and explore love and a second one of their reconciliation. The first part made my heart sing and cry and the second one made me relieved. I loved that they stayed true to each other over the years and that showed that despite their hurt, their love remained untouched and pure.

Laire is a character so fresh having being raised so differently from us. We see her life changing and I loved how much she matured throughout the book. She is honest, caring and practical. Erik *insert sigh here* is a true hero, a prince that any girl would want. He is loving, smart and romantic. It is unusual for a man to be so in love without its changing, so I admired him deeply. He is a hero of a fairytale, trustworthy and ready to save the world. I LOVED him!!!

I know that this author has great talent for writing stories and I should never have doubted her ability to surpass any expectations. “Don’t Speak” has just become a favorite book of hers along with “The Vixen and the Vet” and I cannot wait for her next one inspired by the “Ugly Duckling”.


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