New Review- Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross

After reading so many books throughout the years, I think I am a little broken. It is really difficult to find something that excites me and this last year, so many romance books seem repetitive and unaspiring. Why the gloom? Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross was the book that made a difference to me. It shines like a little star in a dark sky.

This story is young adult with a touch of fantasy and it is a about a couple that falls in love during the war of gods.

Iris and Roman are journalists that are fighting for the main column in the newspaper they are working for, so the rivalry is fierce. That changes though when Iris starts writing letters to her brother that magically disappear through her wardrobe. The recipient though is Roman and suddenly, they are no more enemies but their connection is so deep that keeps them united during the hardest times of war, death and battles.

Iris is a caring and compassionate girl that has abandoment issues. She faces so many challenges but she never gives up. Roman is witty, charming and a boy that is steady. He falls first and his love is admirable.

Their bond is strong and I loved the small gestures that are so important, the letters that are heartfelt, their love that shines.

The secondary characters are fantastic and I would not say no to read about their story.

This book ends in a cliffhanger but fear not, the second book has just come out!

I am not a fan of hyped books but Divine Rivals is my first and last 5 stars of 2023!

Buy here: Divine Rivals: A Novel (Letters of Enchantment Book 1) eBook : Ross, Rebecca: Books

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