New Review- The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

I rarely read historical romance but Tessa Dare has a way of writing stories that are fun, modern and with the atmosphere of their era. The Duchess Deal is a book with great humor, banter and adorable characters.

The Duke of Ashbury is back from war full of scars and a shell of the man he once was. He is a “monster” living in the shadows but he needs a wife and he needs her now! When one beauty appears in his library wearing a wedding dress, it’s like all his prayers are answered.

Emma is a seamstress living a difficult life and when a duke has a proposition for her, she cannot refuse. It’s either that or living on the streets, so there is no dilemma.

He wants an heir without any other complications but she needs a husband, someone to feel close, so the war of battles begins.

This book is so lovely. Ash is brooding, grumpy but sensitive. He puts her always first thinking about her good and his wit is fantastic. He is sarcastic but with a lot of humor. Emma is such a strong woman. She is not afraid to have an opinion and banter with the stubborn Duke. She is sweet, helpful, but also tough.

Their story is entertaining and steamy. Their love scenes are more passionate than the usual of this genre and together they are explosive in and outside of the bedroom.

The secondary characters are great and I cannot wait to see more about them in the future!

If you are not a fan of historical romance books but you would like a lighthearted one, then this story is perfect! You will laugh, swoon and have the best time!

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