New Review- Eleanor & Grey by Brittainy C. Cherry

I have just finished Eleanor and Grey by Brittainy C. Cherry and this story broke me a little but also fixed me. It’s such an emotional read that had me with tears in my eyes. It’s a book about love and healing and family.

Brittany C. Cherry is one of the most talented writers in this industry. I highlighted so many words about life in general. It’s like she gives lessons that get you thinking. Eleanor and Grey is more like a life journal than a romance novel.

Eleanor was just a teenager when she met Grey. He was boy there for her when she needed him the most and after years, she is there to return the favor.

Grey is a man who lost his wife and has two daughters but he is not like the boy he used to be. He feels devastated after his loss, he prefers to stay detached than face his destroyed family.

Eleanor didn’t expect to face her first love when she got the nanny position but Grey is full of pain and has no smiles for her. They now have a second chance but they have to overcome so many obstacles.

I loved the first part of the book. Their teenage love is more than a crush. It’s a deep and sweet bond. The second part was harder to read. Grey is filled with regrets and he has not moved on from his wife. His daughters are facing the pain of losing their mom and it is heartbreaking.

Eleanor is an amazing character. She is kind, caring and with a pure heart. She is truly there for everyone. A woman who is like sunshine that shares her light in every dark corner.

It’s a really touching story full of feelings. The romance is slow burning and although their sexual chemistry is not the first priority , there is a deep relationship. Although I never doubted the connection between them , sometimes I felt that they worked more as friends than lovers.

Despite the fact this book didn’t have my favorite romance love story , it is definitely worth reading it. It’s has many meaningful quotes you have to read and keep in your heart!

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