New Review- Endurance by Amy Daws

Amy Daws is a new author to me and when I started this book, I had no expectations. I didn’t even know if I would like it! When I picked it, I had just seen the sexy cover and that it was a sports romance that I often like and I didn’t have any other details. I have to admit that there were moments that I didn’t connect completely with this story but I am writing my review because there were some scenes that I absolutely loved and for that it deserves to be read!

Tanner is the absolute player. Being a soccer star allows him to change women like he changes his underwear. When the paparazzi once again catch him red handed, he cannot allow another scandal for himself, his family and his team. The thing is that the only person that can help him hates him with her whole heart.

Dr. Belle Harris is an independent, successful woman. When Tanner rejected her, she declared war. The man might be good looking but she wants to kill him with her bare hands for his awful attitude.

When fate brings them together, they have to convince everyone that they are a couple so as to save their reputation. These two enemies will find themselves faking a relationship but soon their feelings will start being real.

Both characters are a little crazy and their relationship is explosive. There is a fine line between hate and love and these two pass this line many times. Tanner is a heartbreaker, a little immature but when the man stops feeling arrogant, he is so sweet and caring. He is sexy, funny and when he admits his feelings for Belle, he fights for her. Belle on the other hand is a character a little harder to connect to. She is fierce, she has an amazing occupation and she is a strong heroine. The problem is that her upbringing makes her many times insecure, loud and a little cold.

I loved how much Tanner matured throughout the book not only as a boyfriend but also as human being. I also really liked the bond he has with his family and it made me curious about the rest of them.

Now the element that won me over and it will make this book stay in my heart is a romantic gesture from Belle to Tanner and how much he embraced it. I won’t spoil it for you but I found this scene one of the most adorable ideas I have ever read and it sure made me want it for myself too. LOL

If you like sports romance with bad boys and smart heroines and you love enemies to lovers’ trope, then you can try this one! It is not always perfect but the little gestures will make you enjoy this wild ride!

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