New Review- Stars Over Castle Hill by Samantha Young

Samantha Young is one of my favorite authors and although, I love all her books there is something about Joss and Braden from “On Dublin Street” that has stolen a piece of heart. These two have a bond so special that you know whatever would happen, they would fight together and move forward as one. When I heard that Samantha was writing a novella with an alternative story about what would happen if they hadn’t met at the exact time I was scared but then excited as I knew they were perfect for each other and they would find their way.

In this novella the years have passed and Joss is reaching her 30s without having gotten over her grief and fears. She meets Braden but this addictive man is no longer carefree and he has his own issues to solve. Their relationship is still electrifying and explosive but they both have insecurities that raise walls into their hearts. They have to fight for their forever but as true soulmates they cannot resist their eternal love.

These two characters in this story are the same but also different. Joss is still the same smart, sassy woman with the fear of losing someone she loves. The difference is that she is more mature to know and give their relationship a chance. She is stronger and ready to confess her feelings. Braden on the other hand is the same irresistible, confident, sexy man but as the years have passed, he is hurt and has trust issues.

As this novella is supposedly written by Joss as an author, we see a glimpse of their lives as it is. This couple remains hilarious with their intelligent humor, their passion is still blazing and you can see their love has gotten greater.

The alternative life is interesting but in the end, Samantha showed us that things went as they were supposed to go. You can only love them more as characters and it’s like seeing again an old friend. If their alternative story was independent without showing that this is a book by Joss , I wouldn’t have liked it so much because of Braden but when I saw his reaction to the story, I was giddy.

I have read hundreds of books but there are always some that stay deeper in you and this couple is rooted close to my heart, so I would always read about them. It’s bittersweet seeing glimpses of them but after finishing this book, you will feel satisfied because you know that Joss and Braden still live their happily ever after. Samantha Young might have thoughts of “what if” but my only one for this couple is “forever love”.

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