New Review- Escape by Jay Crownover

Escape is the latest book in the Getaway series and Jay Crownover put the youngest Warner brother into some dangerous situations. A friends to lovers romance book that is full of suspense, mystery and a love explosive.

If you have read the previous books in this series you would know that Lane and Brynn have a rollercoaster relationship. They have been best friends, roommates and they have been in love since their young age. The timing has not been right for them but when Lane tries to escape his feelings Brynn chases him to bring him back.

Neither can hide the love they have for each other, so they are forced to leave the hurt behind and make their first love into a forever one. They both have pain inside them but together they are stronger and they feel whole. All this suppressed attraction becomes a hot and electrifying relationship with a steely core born from the trust of their friendship.

Lane being the youngest brother feels a little lost. He is playful, flirty and sweet but you can see that he tries to find his place in this powerful family. He has always protected Brynn but he has to mature first to make her his. Throughout the book he is understanding, brave and caring.

Brynn is a fierce woman. Although she has been through much, she is not a victim. She is a feisty girl ready to battle for her beliefs. She has a nurturing nature and that makes her fight for those she cares about. She is not judgemental and she has a hug for everyone. I admire her determination and her effort to make Lane understand her heart’s wants.

There is a secondary story in this book that brings interesting characters into the mix and also a cameo from a loved one.

Despite the fact that I liked where the story went as it was moving and it reminded me of her grittier books I would have preferred to see this book focused more on this couple. Suspense came first and then romance.

These sexy cowboys found their happily ever after but the author left some things open and I cannot wait to read this story!

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