New Review- Fight or Flight by Samantha Young

Samantha Young is one of my favorite authors and that’s a fact. When I saw that she was writing an enemies to lovers story , I was so excited because it is one of my favorite tropes. What I didn’t expect was this book to really touch me. It’s a fun book but the feelings it provoked made it truly emotional and I had tears in my eyes. The thing that made me love it the most was the self journey of the heroine and finding her strength. But let’s take things from the start…

Ava is a woman who has a difficult upbringing and after some eventful days on her hometown, she is ready to get back to Boston. She just needs a quick flight but a rude Scottish giant steals her seat and he keeps getting in her way. The fact that she wants him doesn’t mean she has to like him, so one hot fling wouldn’t be a bad thing. He has to be back to Scotland so they can share a bed but not their feelings. That would be a perfect arrangement if she didn’t fall for him but that she did.

Their relationship starts funny with banter off the charts but slowly and steadily it becomes so much more. They both have been hurt in their pasts so they are both reluctant and scared but they cannot resist each other.

Ava stole the show for me. She is a fierce heroine, someone to admire. She is not perfect but she fights for herself. She finds her stolen self esteem and despite the negative emotions of her past she is not afraid to take the risk and love again. She is a supportive friend and a loyal lover.

Now Caleb is a little bit more difficult to love. He is mean, abrupt and harsh. I am sure that many readers will find him offensive but I liked his blunt honesty. He makes many mistakes and his attitude is not always admirable but sometimes it’s better to have someone real than fake gentleness. Also, in the scenes where he has to act kindly he offers it with understanding and no expectations.

Their relationship has its ups and downs but they are explosive together. There is this yearning between them, a strong wanting that blinds them and scares them.

This author wrote fantastic secondary characters and I am crossing my fingers to see their own story.

Fight or Flight is one of the best enemies to lovers I have read with lots of turmoil, lust and love! Once again Samantha Young proved why I am addicted to her books!!!

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