New Review- Fighting for Everything by Laura Kaye

I am addicted to Laura Kaye’s books and I couldn’t resist starting her new series! “Fighting for Everything” is a friends to lovers book, a deeply emotional story about struggle, depression and hope.

Noah and Kristina have been friends since their childhood but when he returns from war , everything changes. Noah is no longer the carefree guy instead he battles with life turning injuries. Every day is filled with anxiety, panic attacks and a lot of physical and mental issues. His only light comes from his best friend but although he wants her , he cannot have her because he feels inadequate.

Kristina doesn’t know when her feelings for Noah had changed but the sure thing is that she craves him. His kisses are delicious but the man does anything to keep her away. She keeps trying to show him that she accepts him as he is but he cannot love her when he cannot love himself. She is a girl kind, caring and forgiving.

I have to admit that this book is a little heartbreaking. The central attention goes to Noah’s healing rather than the relationship. Don’t worry… the book is sexy and has some scorching hot scenes and it is obvious the characters’ love. What I meant is that Noah’s story steals the show and makes you a little sad with what he is facing. It got me thinking of what many people are going through and what their loved ones have to deal with.

Although this book is part sad, it’s not depressing because in the end Noah with the help of a fight club for veterans and soldiers and through love, he finds hope again. The journey might not be easy but the end is satisfying.

The secondary characters are interesting enough that makes you want to learn their stories, so I am delighted to see that they are going to have their own books.

Fighting for Everything is a great start to this new series and I cannot wait to read more about these soldiers fighting for love!

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