New Review- Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

Emma Scott is an author that deserves more recognition and her books should be read by every romance lover! All her stories are touching and “Forever Right Now” is not a traditional love story but it is a story about love!

Sawyer has left his bachelor ways, the women, the partying for one little bundle of joy. His daughter is his life so he has to forget his carefree attitude, stay focused on his studies to become a lawyer so he can provide the best for his baby. He has no room for distractions but a colorful girl brings him upside down like a tornado.

Darlene has been fighting her drug addiction for a long time but now she is ready for her next step. She is clean and excited for her new life after moving to San Francisco. She has to work on herself first but her lovely neighbor and his adorable little girl keep stealing her attention.

Sawyer is focused, serious and stoic. Darlene is bubbly, open and generous with her smiles. They might appear completely opposite but they have one thing in common. They are fighting for the control of their lives and love is the one to make them stronger.

I love these characters! Sawyer might appear closed off but the man has a heart of gold. He is devoted to his daughter and that will make you adore him even more. Darlene is such a sweetheart. She is flawed but it’s admirable how she grows up and makes the right choices. She might have been hurt but her soul is wide open to love.

Their relationship is not based on their physical connection but on the bond of their hearts. This is slow burn romance and these two fall in love firstly with their souls and then with their bodies.

If I have to say one thing that makes Emma different than the others authors is her view on humanity. Through love she makes imperfect people to be loveable. She takes the underdogs and make them heroes and heroines who can have their happily ever after.

This is a story about forgiveness and hope! You can have a great life but being with someone that accepts you exactly how you are makes life more fulfilling and Sawyer and Darlene might have difficult “right nows” but their forever is bursting with love!

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