New Review- Getaway Girl by Tessa Bailey

I haven’t read a Tessa Bailey book for some years and now I am wondering why because I absolutely loved Getaway Girl. This story is fun, adorable and sexy!

Addison is back to Charleston to crash her cousin’s wedding. Her grandmother was her only true family and she is ready to show the rest of her relatives that she is there to make an appearance. Her name is connected to an old scandal but she could not have known that rescuing the jilted groom would stir more trouble.

Elijah has everything planned. He is ready to become a mayor, he is going to have a respected wife and a beautiful mansion. Now his life comes upside down when his ex abandons him at the altar and a sassy girl saves him from his busy schedule. Addison’s friendship is everything he needs because she truly sees him as he is.

Their relationship is sweet and cute but their attraction makes them have an explosive time in the bedroom. Slowly their friendship becomes so much more and these two become best friends but also lovers. I really liked that they took their time to know each other and they are not just friends on paper but they seriously take the time to spend time together and create a strong bond. Don’t get me wrong. The chemistry is there from the start and when they surrender it is combustive.

I adored this couple! Addison is honest, feisty and bold. She has a great sense of humor and I admired her witty personality. Although she is strong and blunt sometimes, her vulnerabilities made me like her even more.

Elijah on the other hand is just wow… He is kind, charming and caring. He is a southern gentleman who treats her with respect and manners. But… there is a big but… This perfect gentleman on the streets is a dirty beast on the sheets. Tessa knows how to write dirty talkers and this couple takes it to the next level. Holy hotness!!!

If you want a steamy, refreshing friends to lovers story, then this author delivers it perfectly! Tessa Bailey brings the heat so prepared to be burnt with this beautiful couple!

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