New Review- Getting Schooled by Emma Chase

Getting Schooled by Emma Chase is a sugar sweet romance story that will entertain you and make you feel good. It’s drama free, adorable and with a perfect couple. Emma knows how to write male POV and that makes it even funnier!

Callie has left her little town, Lakeside,  for so many years and she is devoted to her life in San Diego. She has a great job as an executive director in a big theatre and amazing best friends. When something unexpected happens and she is forced to come back , her life comes upside down. A new job as a theatre teacher and an ex she has never forgotten makes everything more complicated.

Garrett is one of the coolest teachers in his school and a beloved football coach. He is content with his bachelor status and his quiet life. When Callie, his first love, comes back he remembers why he cannot live without her.

Emma Chase wrote an easygoing second chance love story where these characters are destined to be together. Their break up was not something they wanted so they just continue where they left off. They are so good to each other.

Garrett is confident, funny and sexy. He has the same “arrogant” humor that all this author’s heroes have. He is respected by his students and his community. Callie is sweet, caring and motivated.

This is the first time I am reading a book about two teachers falling in love and it is great seeing the dynamics in this closed community. Callie and Garrett are fantastic teachers and the side characters make the story even more interesting. It is even more important seeing the relationship between the teachers and their students and how much Callie and Garrett care for them.

I love this author’s work because no matter the subject , she always succeeds in writing stories that make you smile and feel optimistic. Getting Schooled will definitely teach you how love can connect people and make everything better!

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